Neos Azure Essentials – A Common Understanding

By Jana Sunnarborg

cloud, Microsoft


IT stakeholders, admins, decision makers, even the HR department all need a way to carry on productive conversations regarding Azure Cloud Adoption.  The Neos Azure Essentials workshop introduces the basic principals to simplify the discussion.

Neos Azure Essentials provides an easy to understand overview of the topics including:

  • Design Principals – Microsoft best practices
  • Frameworks – Environment build in Azure
  • Most common terms – the meaning

Neos answers questions like:

  • What do I need to consider from the Cloud Adoption Framework – what is the scope to consider?
  • Which Microsoft Cloud Adoption Scenerio is the best fit for our Cloud Adoption Journey?
  • What will the new Azure Tenancy, Azure subscriptions and licensing footprint look like?
  • The Azure Platform Landing Zone defined - Why do we need to care about this?
  • What is Infrastructure as Code (IaC)?

Cloud Adoption Framework

The Neos Azure Essentials Workshop starts with considering the Microsoft Coud Adoption Framework. This is where you can find out what types of decisions need to be considered including Cloud Adoption Scenarios, strategy, planning, security and governance.

Azure Tenancy, Subscriptions and Licensing

Nearly every company already has a Microsoft licensing and subscription footprint. The Neos Azure Essentials workshop shows how the existing licensing scheme can be incorporated into the new Azure Tenancy. Topics include M365 subscriptions, Azure subscriptions, licensing and how all of these are related to user accounts.


Network Topology and Landing Zone

Next, the discussion can proceed to understanding what Azure Network Topolgy such as Hub and Spoke will work best.

Once the Azure Network Topolgy has been established, the Azure Landing Zone design concepts can be understood. Azure Landing Zone design concepts will be used to define the Azure environment to fit the business needs including security, governance and cost optimization. Items defined here include:

  • Management Groups
  • Azure subscriptions for management, identity and connectivity
  • Resource Groups and Resources

Infrastructure as Code IaC

The Neos Azure Essentials Workshop will give a basis for how IaC will be used to stabilize and secure the new Azure infrastructure. IaC allows for reliable, repeatable, fast deployment scenarios. We have recently shared our experience with IaC; you can read more here.