Azure Saturday Munich 2019

By Neos IT


A week ago I attended Azure Saturday. I am a huge fan of the event and wanted to provide my colleagues with a summary of how to experience Azure – they asked me to share.

Azure Saturday occurs every year in different cities – yes, it is on a Saturday, but well worth the time and it is free.
You can find out who is who in Azure - what the latest Azure Cloud Services trends are - what to listen to - where to find technical content and guides.
The Microsoft Azure community has IT genius and great, approachable experts. Azure Saturday is a good, all around way to introduce yourself to the community and keep up on Azure.

With just the group I listened to, you will find all the resources you would need to build your Azure solution.

The Keynote Session


What I discovered in the sessions I attended:

1. External collaboration with Azure B2B – Sjoukje Zaal
- Everything about using Azure to create B2B value
- She is an Azure MVP – very active on Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter)
- She writes a bi-weekly Azure Summary on her blog

2. Data from within: Understand your organization with MS Graph – Tobias Urban
- Tobias showed all the ways a corporation can use MS Graph to track everything
- I have to say it is a powerful tool and it can help large organizations understand and address MS user trends and business needs

3. Protecting a few billion identities – Azure AD Identity Protection – Rajat Luthra
- Passionate about Security
- Spoke at Ignite September 2018 – BRK3401
- Very relevant content about how to use Azure Active Directory with Conditional Access Identity Protection and Reporting

4. Best all time Azure Speaker (in my opinion) – Eric Berg - How to manage Azure with LogicApps – 6 Scenerios for daily use
- I first met Eric Berg at Azure Saturday 2018 – he was standing in the hall announcing the start of his talks to get people in the room!
- Great personality - Microsoft MVP - Works for SoftwareONE
- Impressive technical background – He can answer and did answer all my Azure questions - the real deal

5. The hidden secrets of Azure Networking – Mohamed Wali
- Slides
- Service Endpoint Policies
- Secure Connection between Azure Apps and Databases
- VNet Integration - Use of Gateway Transit and behavior of peered VNets

6. Best talk I have ever heard on DevOps from Ryan Yates
- Using Azure DevOps, ARM Templates and Terraform for standing up services in Azure
- ARM Templates vs Terraform – everything you need to know to make DevOps choices on Azure
- Ryan Yates on GitHub
- Ryan Yates slide deck repository on OneDrive

I hope you´ll find these ressources helpful. If you have any questions or feedback you can drop me an email at