A joint success story: Integration and operation of critical enterprise applications in the global travel industry

By Neos IT

case study, digital transformation



Initial Situation

Neos took over the existing Siebel customer relationship management (CRM) system for its client, and successively extended it with additional applications, including the Askme knowledge database, the Liferay messaging system, the UCCE e-support center, and the Vertica big data application.



The Project

The task during the handover of the project was to implement the operative takeover of the Siebel systems, consisting of a pre-production and a production system. The former serves the purpose of testing new functionalities and ensuring proper functioning prior to going live.
Neos was also to integrate monitoring and specifically adapt it to Siebel CRM. The aim was to be able to control the system’s operative status at all times, so if needed, measures, such as bug fixes, could be taken immediately.
The first success was achieved after only two months. In this short time, the system moved to a new domain and the monitoring had been implemented, which was highly appreciated by the customer.



Awarding the Contract to Neos

Several factors influenced the customer’s decision to entrust Neos with full responsibility for operating the CRM system.

For one thing, highly skilled experts work at Neos, making it possible to cover all the necessary areas. The team’s high flexibility also enables the client to have a short time to market. There was already a very close cooperation between Neos and the customer’s other partners before the project started, ensuring a very high quality of communication right from the start, with an already present confident base.

Complete application monitoring was also possible as a result of thoroughly understanding the customer’s systems. This meant cost savings could be obtained by automating various processes, such as reports or the functionality testing of systems. Neos also proactively advises its client regarding reasonable measures, while guaranteeing 24/7 availability and very high service quality.



Specific Conditions

Considerable networking with other systems was necessary for problem-free functionality, such as telephone integration in the CRM system and interfaces with other company systems. Due to the complex integration, it was a major challenge to ensure minimum downtime during and after the improvement.

Nevertheless, Neos successfully managed that. With high system integration, there needs to be assurance that smooth functioning of each application is guaranteed, because even if just one system component is faulty, problems will also arise in the rest of the system due to existing dependencies. Neos managed to integrate the applications, so that the overall system works free of errors.



The Solution in Action

The client has a front-end CRM that can be applied for various functions. If an employee would like to submit a change request, he uses a ticket system that makes direct contact with Neos’ support team. The client can personally contact Neos around the clock and receive regular reports regarding service quality. Regular meetings also encourage a close and trusting client relationship. Naturally, there is review of all activities by highly skilled Neos experts as per the 4-eyes principle. Sophisticated monitoring also enables error-free operation. Since the potential sources of error are known, Neos has developed a monitoring system that regularly checks the vulnerabilities, and immediately engages with even the most minimal abnormalities, enabling system operation to continue without problems and without downtime. This provides the client with the highest protection against downtimes.



A Joint Success Story

Neos enjoys the client’s full confidence due to the well-functioning cooperation. The close collaboration between Neos and its client has been existing for 7 years. The contract for the CRM system has been extended twice due to high customer satisfaction, along with transfer of further responsibilities to Neos.

In addition to smooth operation of the systems and qualified support, due to reducing hardware by 25% - while maintaining full functionality and continued problem-free operation - it was possible to save on licensing costs while improving reliability. This way the customer has a competent contact person at all times, without having to worry about operating its own systems. Neos automatically implements all updates, and presents the results in a report. This means the customer has always access to all relevant information, enabling complete focus on its core business.