Dealing with the cost pressure while adjusting to the new normal

By Wasinee Wongnawa

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Dealing with the cost pressure while adjusting to the new normal 

In today’s blog we talk about the cost pressure companies and IT managers face. While organizations are slowly getting used to living with the consequences of this global pandemic, high and growing IT costs are being scrutinized by the management teams and financial controllers. Many organizations are looking for ways to reduce IT spending. Some organizations are simply reducing the staff headcount whilst others try to spend the budget more wisely and outsource non-core business activities of their IT team to trusted IT-service partners. This allows their own staff to focus on the core business operations.

Below are three reasons why organizations should consider working with an external IT partner.


High cost of building an inhouse IT team. 

It takes time and resources to build and grow an experienced inhouse of IT TeamOrganizations need an estimated annual budget of at least THB 1 million for a seasoned IT-Manager (according to the Adecco Thailand Salary Guide 2020), additionally, companies need to invest in ongoing training to ensure their IT skills and knowledge meet the requirements.  


Significant cost of running legacy IT infrastructure in need for modernization. 

Keeping your IT infrastructure running can be costly already as your hardware and the network need to be maintained, electricity and other facility cost incur, and of course IT staff is needed to ensure that everything runs smoothlyAs an example, servers can only be used for a period of time; at some point they will need to be upgradedYou should ask yourself, does your team have the required resource and skills to perform upgrades? If not, there might be risk that you are wasting money. 


High CAPEX (Capital Expenditure)  

Recently, more and more organizations started to embark on their digital transformation journey since they were facing high investments in costly new infrastructure to support their business. These organizations see a benefit of migrating and moving to the cloud, as they would become much more flexible and would only pay for cloud infrastructure that they would need in any given month. Moreover, there wouldn’t be any extra cost for maintenance and patching that we addressed above. 


At Neos IT, we have experienced, certified and well-trained IT experts to support organizations in their IT transformation journey. Moreover, our engineers are staying up to date on new technology skills and you would not need to worry about your team lacking skills or downtime when any unexpected incident happens. 

What you need is a trusted IT expert that can analyse and help you run server upgrades and patch existing infrastructure to avoid business downtime and prevent disruptions to your business. 

We also have cloud migration experts and we have helped customers migrate from their on-premise data centre to the cloud. We ensure that you take the right steps in your digital transformation journey. 


Don’t know where to start? Contact us to talk with our expert and start your digital transformation journey. 


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