Neos Web App Platform

By Adam Trzaskowski

cloud, Microsoft


Easily and securely host your web applications on a self-serviced platform in Azure.
Deploy the Neos Web App Platform automatically from the Azure Marketplace into your Azure Subscription.

Whether you are migrating an existing web application from on-premises data center or developing a new web-app, your focus should be on content and feature development instead of IT infrastructure. Neos Web App Platform provides a scalable environment based on best practices that gets your applications running in the cloud in no time.


Key benefits

  • Proven best practices: The platform design includes all current security and configuration best practices.
  • Suitable for certification and audits: Comes with ISO-grade design and documentation for certification audits
  • Scalable: The design accommodates scaling in case of load increase
  • Repeatable: Quickly deploy multiple copies or environments for DEV, TEST or any number of customer instances
  • Resilience and high availability: Optional geo-redundancy into any Azure region worldwide
  • Common templates included: Out-of-the box contains working examples of multiple solutions

Architecture Overview