WorkZone by Neos IT - Private hospital trials Azure Virtual Desktop

By Wasinee Wongnawa

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WorkZone by Neos IT - Private hospital trials Azure Virtual DesktopWe recently had the chance to work with IT team at one of the leading, private hospitals in Thailand that provides health care services to more than 300,000 patients from over 100 countries annually with 200+ inpatient beds.

Over 300 doctors, nurses and other personnel log-in to the hospital’s IT systems daily. The user endpoint devices consisted of thin clients used to access virtual desktop environments deployed on virtual machines in the hospital’s on premises data center. Operating their own data center means that the hospital’s IT staff spend a significant amount of time and resources to maintain servers and virtual machines including hardware and software patch updates as well as ongoing maintenance.

A growing concern for the hospital’s management team was insider risk. Patient records containing personal data that must always be protected from unauthorized access. Luckily, the hospital had not experienced internal or external data breaches. Nevertheless, the IT team felt that better and more rigorous controls would be needed, e.g., a more centralized management tool to enforce compliance across endpoints and prevent the use of unsafe or unlicensed software and operating systems.

The hospital became interested in sourcing a new cloud-based virtual desktop environment when their existing thin client rental agreement came to an end. The hospital’s Chief Technology Officer had cloud-based option in mind a cloud based option that would both reduce her reliance on internal IT staff and also reduce CAPEX.

WorkZone by Neos IT

Neos IT worked closely with the CTO and her IT team at hospital to find the right sized solution. WorkZone which uses state-of-the-art cloud technology from Microsoft Azure in conjunction with Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 was the best fit for the health care provider.

Neos IT set up a demo environment to prove the power of WorkZone and Azure Virtual Desktop. Within three days the new WorkZone virtual desktop environment was successfully deployed.

Over the period of one week, the IT infrastructure and application teams were able to test WorkZone. The team could log-in from any device including hospital PC’s, tablets running various operating systems (Apple iOS, Android, Windows) or smartphones. Testing showed that at no time was data transferred to user endpoint devices. Tests proved that the data remained secure in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

WorkZone by Neos IT - Private hospital trials Azure Virtual Desktop


After one week of the test run, it is proved from the IT Team that all legacy application is compatible in Azure Virtual Desktops that are using VPN to the hopsital site with a great response time. Moreover, building a centralized desktop management could enable the Admin user full control. This would prevent data breach and illegal software setup.

“All applications that are used on-premise are compatible with Azure Virtual Desktop through using thin clients with fast response time even accessing from Azure Singapore Region. All these benefits us by reducing time in managing images on Azure Virtual Desktop Client and the security policy.” IT Manager

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