How do you keep your business running in times of Corona Virus

By Marc Rosenberg

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How do you keep your business running in times of corona virus

Closing your office is an effective way to reduce infection rates of Corona Virus. But is your staff able to work from home?

In an attempt to tackle and to delay the current outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends washing your hands frequently and to maintain social distance to avoid infection. The protective measure shall help you to stay healthy but also shall help to prevent spreading the disease to others.
The risk of infection and spreading the virus increases exponentially with the number of people in one place. Work-related infection hotspots are:

  • commuting using public transportation, like trains, buses, etc.
  • working in the office, especially open-plan offices
  • Face-to-face meetings with colleagues and business partners
  • Business travel

As a result, more and more companies and organizations allow their workers to work from home and ban all travel.
However, working from home is a challenge for the employer’s IT as it required company laptop, broadband internet and VPN access.
An ideal solution should be lightweight and easily deployable, secure, and support all kind of endpoints including BYOD (bring your own device).

A typical modern IT workplace is built on top of a secure virtual desktop along with office applications hosted in the cloud. Any laptop, desktop, tablet even mobile can be used to access company resources and typical office applications for collaboration.

Such modern IT workplaces are:

  • quick to set up
  • secure by design
  • efficient by scaling on demand
  • (only pay for resources consumed)

A modern IT workplace based on Windows Virtual Desktop and Office 365 offers:

  • Secure use of your business applications like CRM, ERP and HR
  • Powerful collaboration tools like Teams, Sharepoint and PowerBI
  • Ability to work from any location with any device, including BYOD
  • Effective meetings through rich audio and video communication

With a modern workplace, you can support working from home as an effective contingency to reduce spreading of the Corona Virus for both infected and healthy population.

We can help you in setting up, migrating to, and operating your modern workplace. While speed is key, we will make sure your setup is secure and fit for your future needs.